Công nghệ mới - Laser LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)

Công nghệ mới - Laser LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)

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Low level laser therapy has been applied to disease treatment with the proven effects of the promotion of cell division, the activation of the cell, to the immunocyte and anti-inflammation as well as increasing the bloodstream of the tissue by dilating the blood vessels.As Wellay Hair Laser irradiates the light on the scalp to promote hair follicle cell growth, to increase ATP synthesis and to promote epithelial cell growth, so that it increases the blood flow in the scalp, this low level laser instrument shows excellent effects on hair loss prevention, hair growth stimulation, and scalp health improvement.

Wellay Hair Laser, a product from the laser-specialist, is installed with highly advanced and best suitable lasers, VCSEL for hand-held devices. VCSEL(Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers) is perfect for home use devices because of its less power-consuming and light weight(144g) as well as its coherence. Multi-wavelength beams from 21 pieces of advanced lasers of Wellay Hair Laser eventually maximizes the preventive effect of hairloss progress and brings hair re-growing results, while maintaining the safety, less power-consumption and convenience of long-time use after charge. Unlike VCSEL, edge-emitting laser(EEL), which is generally used in products of other manufactures, is heavy, much energy -consuming and takes up big spaces. EEL is less practical to be used in small home use devices. That’s why other home-use laser devices can’t afford to install many pieces of Laser.

In general, laser treatment is affected by a lot of variables, such as skin tissue types, skin condition, disease condition, and skin color, etc. These different factors affecting the results of laser therapy may lie in different levels of skin (scalp) tissue layers. This explains why multi-wavelength really matters. Laser beam has different penetration depth into scalp depending on its wavelength. Various wavelength reach at different levels of scalp, overcome various troubles at each level and carry out treatment roles. Therefore scanning multi-wavelength laser simultaneously is more effective for treatment than scanning a single wavelength laser. When 670,780,830nm wavelengths of Wellay Hair Laser are scanned on a same area of scalp, each wavelength reach at different levels of scalp tissue and cure hair loss caused by many different troubles, and eventually stimulate hair growth.
The multi-wavelength Wellay Hair Laser in your hand is the most scientific and decent therapy for your scalp health.

Most of the optical power of lasers are lost before reaching deep into the scalp, however 830nm wavelength reaches the most deep into the scalp with minimally being absorbed into hemoglobin or moisture of the scalp tissue. 830nm VCSEL is one of special wavelengths and hasn't been commercialized so far. Wellay Hair Laser, however, is having 830nm laser penetrating deep inside the scalp and delivers stimulation to the follicle cell.

In laser therapy, there're a few important variables to determine its effectiveness such as wavelength, laser power and density.
Wellay Hair Laser irradiates high-power laser compared to other Hair Laser devices through 7 packages of laser (21 pieces of lasers). Each 5.4mW from a package composed of 3 different wavelength laser chips lead to ample effectiveness of hairloss prevention and regrowth, while other products send out each 1~3mW from 1 or 7 pieces of lasers at most.
Still, the safety is never compromised when its power stays within Low Level Laser range.

Generally, static electricity can occur when a product is applied to hairs, so it may cause some bad influences on a laser device. However, Wellay Hair Laser is not influenced from static electricity due to its anti-electrostatic design in lasers themselves.